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National Collective of Rape Crisis and Related Groups Aotearoa

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Korowai Tumanako
Kaupapa Māori service designed to support iwi, hapu and whānau who have been affected by sexual violence, on their journey toward greater wellbeing. 
Address: 136a Commerce St, Kaitaia
Website: www.korowaitumanako.org
Email: korowai@korowaitumanako.org
Mid North Family Support
Free counselling for adults who have experienced family harm, family violence, sexual harm, sexual violence. 
Address: Upstairs Kingston House, 123 Hone Heke Rd, Kerikeri
Website: https://www.midnorthfamilysupport.co.nz/
Email: info@midnorthfamilysupport.co.nz
Phone: 09 407 7511
Crisis 24 hrs: 0800 883 300

Miriam Centre
A place of healing, where people can go for expert support, therapy and advice.
Address: 22 Mill Rd, Regent, Whangarei
Website: www.miriamcentre.co.nz
Email: Miriam-centre@xtra.co.nz
24/7 Crisis Line: 09 437 6010

Support of Sexually Abused (SOS) Kaipara
Specialist sexual and family violence support services.
Address: 153 Victoria St, Dargaville
Website: https://www.soskaipara.com/
Email: sos@maxnet.co.nz
24/7 Referral Line: 09 439 6070
Te Whare Ruruhau O Meri
Crisis support service for anyone that has been sexually or physically abused.
Address: 3 Mission Place, Kaitaia
Website: https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/social-services/social/te-whare-ruruhau-o-meri/
Email: martha@tewhare.org.nz
Office: 09 408 3305 (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm)
After hours: 022 657 5389

Whangarei Rape Crisis
Counselling, education, and 24/7 immediate support to survivors of sexual harm within the Whangarei rohe.
Address: 16 Second Avenue, Whangarei
Website: https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/social-services/social/whangarei-rape-crisis-inc/
Email: general@whangareirapecrisis.org.nz
Office: 09 438 6221 (Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm)
Crisis 24 hrs: 0800 883 300

Better Blokes
Peer Support for male survivors of sexual abuse.
Website: https://betterblokes.org.nz/
Email: manager@betterblokes.org.nz
Phone: 021 356 400 or 09 889 2553

Counselling Services Centre
Supporting survivors of sexual assault, abuse and other emotional trauma.
Address: 22 Alexander Ave. Papatoetoe
Website: http://cscnz.org.nz/
Email: admin@cscnz.org.nz
Phone: 09 277 9324
Mobile: 027 426 1564

Medical Sexual Assualt Clinicians Aotearoa (MEDSAC)
A professional organisation of healthcare professionals from many disciplines whose prime focus is education and support of medical practitioners in the area of sexual abuse care.
Address: Unit 5, 4 Warnock St, Grey Lynn
Website: https://medsac.org.nz
Email: admin@medsac.org.nz
Phone: 09 376 1422

Family Action (formerly Waitakere ATCS)
Counselling, support, refuge.
Address: 13 Edsel St, Henderson
Website: www.familyaction.org.nz
Email: office@familyaction.org.nz
Phone: 0800 326 327 or 09 836 1987 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm)

HELP Auckland (formerly Auckland Sexual Abuse Help)
Crisis support, therapy, justice, and community work for adult and child survivors.
Address: PO Box 10 345 Dominion Road, Auckland
Website: www.helpauckland.org.nz/ and www.gr8mates.org.nz
Email: info@helpauckland.org.nz
Crisis 24 hrs: 0800 623 1700

Korowai Tumanako
Kaupapa Māori service designed to support iwi, hapu and whānau who have been affected by sexual violence, on their journey toward greater wellbeing. 
Address: PO Box 45135 Te Atatu, Auckland 0651
Website: www.korowaitumanako.org
Email: korowai@korowaitumanako.org

Project Restore
Helps people affected by sexual harm to restore their lives and relationships by interests through restorative justice processes.
Address: 128 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland
Website: https://projectrestore.nz/
Email: office@projectrestore.nz
Phone: 09 308 9712

Rape Prevention Education
Working together to end sexual violence.
Address: PO Box 78 307, Grey Lynn
Website: www.rpe.org.nz
Email: info@rpe.org.nz
Phone: 09 360 4001

Safe Network
Helping people and communities with support for concerning or harmful sexual behaviour.
Address: PO Box 8726, Symonds St, Auckland
Website: www.safenetwork.org.nz
Email: help@safenetwork.org.nz
Phone: 09 377 9898 ext 700

Tu Wahine
Kaupapa Māori counselling, therapy and support for survivors of sexual harm (mahi tūkino) and violence within whānau.
Address:  247 Edmonton Rd, Te Atatu South, Auckland
Website: https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/social-services/social/tu-wahine-trust/
Email: admin@tuwahine.org.nz
Phone: 09 838 8700

CAPS Hauraki
Helping our community thrive. We offer a range of services in the Thames/Coromandel and Hauraki regions including sexual harm counselling, sexual harm support service, parenting education, youth advocacy and support.
Address: 732B Queen St, Thames
Website: www.capshauraki.co.nz
Email: reception@capshauraki.co.nz
Phone: 07 868 8644 (Thames) or 07 862 6134 (Paeroa)

Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre
Advocacy and support, emergency face-to-face crisis counselling sessions and crisis social work support for adults who have experienced sexual harm.
Address: 33A Clarence St, Hamilton
Website: https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/social-services/social/rape-and-sexual-abuse-healing-centre/
Email: coordinator@rasahc.co.nz
Crisis 24 hr: 0800 883 300
Office: 07 839 4433 or 0800 839 4433
Call or text: 027 278 5331

Mahuika House – Healing and Rape Crisis Centre
Support to survivors of any kind of sexual abuse, assault or rape.
Address: 114 Downes St, Te Awamutu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mahuika114/
Email: mahuikahouse114@gmail.com or mahuikahouse@ihug.co.nz  
Crisis 24 hrs: 07 871 8132

Male Support Services
Support for male survivors of sexual abuse.
Address: 292 Cambridge Rd, Hamilton
Website: www.waikatosurvivors.org.nz
Email: admin@waikatosurvivors.org.nz
Phone: 07 858 4112 or 0800 677 289
Text: 027 441 4749

Taupo Family Centre
Specialised counselling and social work service for individuals and families to improve your wellbeing and safety.
Address: 11 Manuka St, Taupo
Email: admin@tfc.org.nz
Phone: 07 376 8222

Tautako Mai (formerly BOPSASS - Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Support Services)
Support for everyone affected by sexual harm.
Website: https://tautokomai.co.nz/#
Facebook: facebook.com/tautokomaiSHS
Email: admin@tautokomai.co.nz
Crisis 24 hr: 0800 227 233 (0800 2B SAFE)
Office: 07 577 0512

Bay of Plenty
Family Focus Rotorua
24-hour crisis response and counselling for individuals and their whānau affected by sexual abuse and family violence.
Address: 1115 Pukaki St, Rotorua
Website: www.familyfocus.org.nz
Email: office@familyfocus.org.nz
Phone: 07 346 2096
Crisis 24 hr: 021 195 6462

Male Survivors Bay of Plenty
Peer support and advocacy to men that experienced sexual trauma.
Website: www.malesurvivor.nz
Email: mikec@msbop.nz
Phone: 027 271 9989

Tautako Mai (formerly BOPSASS - Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Support Services)
Support for everyone affected by sexual harm.
Address: 7 Kauri St, Gate Pa, Tauranga or 14 Louvain St, Whakatane
Website: https://tautokomai.co.nz/#
Facebook: facebook.com/tautokomaiSHS
Email: admin@tautokomai.co.nz
Crisis 24 hr: 0800 227 233 (0800 2B SAFE)
Office: 07 577 0512

Āwhina Whānau Services
Help for survivors and whānau with personal counselling. 
Address: 116 Queen St East, Hastings
Website: https://awhinawhanauservices.org/
Email: office@aws.org.nz
Phone 0800 194 2628 (0800 1 WHANAU)
Office: 06 878 4827

Hawkes Bay Rape Crisis
Sexual abuse support and rape support in Hastings.
Address: 703 Kowhai St, Mahora, Hastings
Website: https://healthpages.co.nz/directory/listing/sexual-abuse-rape-support-rape-crisis-hawkes-bay
Email: rapecrisis.hb@gmail.com
Freephone: 0800 883 3001
Mobile: 021 227 6622

Gisborne Rape Crisis
Free and confidential counselling service for people who are recovering from the effects of rape, sexual abuse, incest or child rape, organised abuse, and sexual violation.
Address: PO Box 1398, Gisborne
Website: www.rapecrisisgis.co.nz
Email: whaiora@xtra.co.nz
Phone: 06 867 9967 or 027 285 4654

Community-based organisation that aims to prevent sexual abuse. Regional programmes in East Coast Gisbourne/Napier, Manawatu Palm N/Whanganui, Wellington Hutt/Masterton + outreach to smaller centres
Address: PO Box 45 109, Waterloo, Lower Hutt 5042
Website: https://www.wellstop.org.nz/
Email: enquiries@wellstop.org.nz
Phone: 04 566 4745

Abuse and Rape Crisis Support (ARCS) Manawatu
We can walk with you on your road to recovery, providing appropriate and sensitive support for survivors of sexual violence, their whānau and friends.
Address: 10 Linton St, Palmerston North
                58 Bath St, Levin
                13 Ward St, Dannevirke
Website: http://arcsmanawatu.org.nz/
Email: admin@arcsmanawatu.org.nz
Phone:  06 356 5868 (Palmerston North)
                06 368 8348 (Levin)
                06 374 8867 (Dannevirke)

Te Ara Pae Trust
Supporting whānau experiencing family violence in all its forms, or having to deal with the consequences and effects of that violence.
Address: 276 High St, Hawera, Taranaki
Email: makingithappen@tearapae.org.nz
Phone: 06 278 6399

Community-based organisation that aims to prevent sexual abuse.
Address: 361 Devon St East, New Plymouth
Website: https://www.wellstop.org.nz/
Email: tina.gulliver@wellstop.org.nz
Phone: 06 758 4178

Whanganui Safe and Free
A support centre for survivors of rape and sexual abuse, your families, friends and whānau.
Address: Suite 4, 236 Victoria Av, Whanaganui
Website: http://www.whanganuisafe.com/
Email: administration@whanganuisafe.org.nz
Phone: 06 343 3416 (work hours)

Hutt Valley Sexual Abuse Support and Healing (HV SASH) (formerly Hutt Rape Counselling Network)
Free support and counselling to women, men and children affected by sexual abuse, rape or sexual harm – historic or current.
Address: PO Box 45034, Lower Hutt
Website: https://www.hvsash.org.nz/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HVSASH/
Email: manager@hvsash.co.nz
Crisis 24 hr: 0800 22 66 94

Wairarapa Rape and Sexual Abuse Collective
24/7 free and confidential crisis support services for survivors and whānau who have been affected, directly or indirectly, by rape or sexual abuse.
Address: 33 Chapel St, Masterton
Website: https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/social-services/social/wairarapa-rape-and-sexual-abuse-collective/
Email: coordinator@wairarapa-rapecrisis.org.nz
Office: 06 370 8446
Crisis 24 hr: 0800 614 614

Wellington Rape Crisis
Support for women and gender diverse survivors of sexual violence.
Address: Level 4, 220 Willis St, Te Aro
Website: https://wellingtonrapecrisis.org.nz/
Email: support@wellingtonrapecrisis.org.nz
Phone: 04 801 8973
Office: 04 801 8970

Wellington Sexual Abuse Help Foundation
Support for individuals, whānau and communities affected by sexual violence to move from surviving to thriving.
Address: PO Box 11160, Wellington 6142 - covers Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti
Website: https://www.wellingtonhelp.org.nz/
Email: support@wellingtonhelp.org.nz    
Crisis 24 hr: 04 801 6655

Tiaki Tangata Mosaic Wellington
Peer support and counselling for males who have experienced trauma and sexual abuse throughout the Wellington region in Wellington City, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti Coast and Wairarapa.
Address: 1st floor, Riddiford House, 94 Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington
                  1 Pember House, Level 4, 16 Hagley St, Porirua
                  Wairarapa Community Centre, 41 Perry St, Masterton
                  Kapiti Business Centre, 17-19 Seaview Rd, Paraparaumu Rd, Paraparaumu
Website: https://www.mosaic-wgtn.org.nz/
Email: enquiries@mosaic-wgtn.org.nz 
Crisis 24 hr call or text: 021 419 3416
Office:  04 389 5050 (Wellington)
                027 560 8444 (Porirua)
                06 377 7209 (Wairarapa)
                027 560 8444 (Paraparaumu)

The Road Forward Trust (Male Survivors Wellington)
Peer support to male survivors of sexual abuse through empowering survivors to take back control of their lives. Also support to partners and whānau.
Website: www.theroadforward.org.nz
Email: support@theroadforward.org.nz
Phone: 021 118 1043
Tasman & West Coast
The Male Room
Peer support and advocacy to men that experienced sexual trauma.
Website: https://malesurvivor.nz
Email: pchapman@ts.co.nz
Phone: 027 261 8278

Sexual Abuse Support and Healing (SASH)
Professional services for people, and their whānau, affected by sexual abuse in the Nelson/Tasman region.
Address: 16 Nile Street West, Nelson
Website: https://www.sash.co.nz/
Email: sash@sash.co.nz
Crisis 24 hr: 03 548 2407

STOP Trust
Community-based assessment and intervention services for adolescents and adults who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviour, and for children with concerning sexual behaviours.
Website: www.stop.org.nz
Email: Maureen.lorimer@stop.org.nz
Phone: 03 546 6194
Christchurch office: 03 353 0257

Women’s Refuge and Sexual Violence Support Centre
24 hr emergency response for women who have experienced sexual violence or domestic violence. Counselling support and recovery services.
Address: 3/19 Henry St, Blenheim
Website: www.womensrefuge.org.nz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Nonprofit-Organization/Womens-Refuge-and-Sexual-Violence-Support-Marlborough-Inc-686206048117792/
Email: marlb_refuge@xtra.co.nz
Crisis 24 hr: 0800 743 843 (0800 REFUGE)
Office: 03 577 9939

Rape and Sexual Abuse Support (West Coast)
Free and confidential support for people when they are affected by rape or sexual abuse.
Address: 66 Peel St, Westport
Website: https://www.healthpoint.co.nz/social-services/social/rape-and-sexual-abuse-support-west-coast/
Email: w.coast.r.c@xtra.co.nz
Phone: 0800 274 747
Office: 03 789 7700

Male Survivors Canterbury
Peer support and advocacy for men that experienced sexual trauma.
Address: 21 Marshland Rd, Shirley, Christchurch
Website: https://canmen.org.nz/survivors/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MaleSuvivorsCanterbury/
Email: survivor@canmen.org.nz
Phone: 03 365 9000
Text: 022 302 4966

Sexual Assault Support Services Canterbury (SASSC)
24 hour support for sexual violence survivors, whānau, and friends.
Address: PO Box 24161, Christchurch 8141
Website: https://www.avivafamilies.org.nz
Email: enquiries@avivafamilies.org.nz
Crisis 24 hr: 03 378 3847 or 03 377 5402 or 0800 28485 669 (0800 AVIVA NOW)

Early intervention, counselling and support for children, youth and adults and their families who have experienced sexual violence or other trauma.
Address: PO Box 21022, Edgeware, St Albans, Christchurch 8143   
Website: www.starthealing.org
E-mail: starthealing@xtra.co.nz
Phone: 03 355 4414

Stop Trust
Community-based assessment and intervention services for adolescents and adults who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviour and for children with concerning sexual behaviours.
Address: PO Box 26130, North Avon, Christchurch 8148
Website: www.stop.org.nz
Email: info@stop.org.nz
Phone: 03 353 0257

Te Puna Oranga
Kaupapa Māori Service that works with whanau traumatised by sexual harm. We offer Counselling, Social Work Advocacy, Youth Mentoring, Integrated Safety Response (Family Violence), Education and a 24/7 Sexual Harm Crisis Response Line.
Address: 687 Worchester St, Christchurch
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TePunaOranga/
Email: info@tepunaoranga.co.nz
Phone: 03 381 8472
Crisis 24 hr: 0800 222 042

Central Lakes Family Services
Professionally trained clinicians committed to working with the community, primary health, local government and NGO service providers to optimise and ensure positive outcomes for children, adolescents and their whānau are achieved.
Address: 63 Ballarat St, Queenstown
Website: https://www.clfs.co.nz/
Email: info@clfs.co.nz
Phone: 0508 440 255

Gore Counselling Centre
Wide range of counselling, therapeutic and educational services including sexual abuse crisis support.
Address: Traford St, PO Box 157, Gore 9740
Website: http://www.gorecounsellingcentre.com/Introduction.html
Email: inquiry@gorecounsellingcentre.com
Phone: 03 208 5366

Male Survivors Otago
Peer support and advocacy to men that experienced sexual trauma.
Website: https://malesurvivor.nz
Email: info@mso.nz
Phone: 03 425 8018

Ōtepoti Collective Against Sexual Abuse (ŌCASA) (formerly Rape Crisis Dunedin)
Support for people of any gender who are survivors of sexual violence, and their supporters including friends and whānau, to progress towards healing.
Address: Corso Building, Level 1, 111 Moray Place, Dunedin
Website: www.ocasa.org.nz
Email: support@ocasa.org.nz
Office: 03 470 1109
Phone: 03 474 1592

Southland HELP
Promoting the safety and wellbeing of women, children and men through support, education, counselling and advocacy.
Address: 225 Tweed St, Invercargill
Website: https://southlandhelp.nz/
Email:  contact@southlandhelp.nz
Phone: 03 218 4357

Stop Trust
Community-based assessment and intervention services for adolescents and adults who have engaged in harmful sexual behaviour and for children with concerning sexual behaviours.
Website: www.stop.org.nz
Email: bryan.oneill@stop.org.nz
Phone: 03 477 8090 (Dunedin) or 03 214 0401 (Invercargill)

Active+ ACC Sensitive Claims
Client-centred service to assist survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence through one or more health providers such as psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, and cultural advisors.
Address: PO Box 96 246, Balmoral, Auckland
Website: https://www.activeplus.co.nz/services/mind/sensitive-claims/
Email: head.office@activeplus.co.nz or contact local branch through website
Phone: 0800 22 44 86

Male Survivors Aotearoa
Enabling the well-being of male survivors of sexual abuse.
Website: www.malesurvivor.nz

National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges Inc (NCIWR)
New Zealand’s largest nation-wide organisation that supports and helps women and children experiencing family violence. Nationwide safe houses and centres.
Website: https://womensrefuge.org.nz/
Email: info@refuge.org.nz
Crisis 24 hr: 0800 REFUGE (0800 733 843)

NZPC Sex Workers’ Collective
NZ-wide organisation, which is run by sex workers for sex workers. We advocate for the rights, health, and well being of all sex workers. Outreach in Auckland, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Hawkes Bay, Waikato, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin.
Website: https://www.nzpc.org.nz/Home
Email: info@nzpc.org.nz
Phone: 04 382 8791

NZ Police
Includes Child Protection Team and Adult Sexual Assualt Team.
Website: https://www.police.govt.nz/
Phone: 111 (emergency), 105 (non-emergency)

Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children
Dedicated to supporting any child in New Zealand whose wellbeing is at significant risk of harm now, or in the future.
Website: https://www.orangatamariki.govt.nz/
Email: contact@ot.govt.nz
Phone 24/7: 0508 326 459

Confidential and affirming LGBTIQA+/Rainbow telephone peer support line, and face to face counselling by qualified counsellors specializing in sexuality and gender issues.
Address: OUTLine, PO Box 147663, Ponsonby
Website: https://outline.org.nz/
Email: info@outline.org.nz
Phone 6-9pm: 0800 OUTLINE (0800 688 5463)

Rape Prevention Education – Whakatu Mauri Trust
Work in relationship with tangata whenua to develop partnerships and evidence-based prevention activities in community services, education, health promotion, research and advocacy.
Website: https://rpe.co.nz/
Email: info@rpe.org.nz
Phone: 09 360 4001

Safe to talk Sexual Harm Helpline
Safe to talk is a 24/7 free, confidential, non-judgemental helpline for anyone affected by sexual harm.
Website/online chat: www.safetotalk.nz
Email: support@safetotalk.nz
Freephone: 0800 044 334
Text: 4334
Sexual Violence Victim Advisor
Court Services for Victims is a free and confidential service to help you take part in the court process, following a sexual harm crime.
Website: https://sexualviolence.victimsinfo.govt.nz/
Email: victimcentre@justice.govt.nz
Phone: 0800 650 654
Shakti New Zealand
Shakti provides immediate support to women, children and youth of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin who have experienced sexual abuse, domestic violence and discrimination.
Website: https://shaktiinternational.org/shakati-new-zealand/
Email: crisisline@shakti.org.nz
Crisis 24/7: 0800 SHAKTI (0800 742584)

TOAH-NNEST is a national network of specialist organisations for sexual violence intervention and prevention.
Website: https://www.toah-nnest.org.nz/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TOAH.NNEST
Email: office@toah-nnest.org.nz
Phone: 04 385 9176

Victim Support
Free 24/7 community response to help victims of serious crime and trauma.
Website: https://www.victimsupport.org.nz/
Email: nationaloffice@victimsupport.org.nz
Office: 04 474 8862
Crisis: 0800 VICTIM (0800 842 846)

Women’s Self Defence Network – Wahine Toa
All women and girls have a fundamental right to live in safety from violence and abuse.
Website: https://wsdn.org.nz/
Email: admin@wsdn.org.nz
Phone: 04 213 9710

National Collective of Rape Crisis and Related Groups Aotearoa, National Office

PO Box 5424, Dunedin, 9058
Phone: 03 474 1592 (c/o Rape Crisis Dunedin office)
Please note, National Office does not provide services for survivors directly